What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2023


In 2023, resumes are likely to continue to evolve with the advancement of technology and changing job market trends. Some important elements that you should consider including in your resume are:

A summary statement or objective:

This section should highlight your most relevant skills and experiences, as well as the specific position you are applying for.

Skills section:

A list of your key skills should be included to give potential employers an overview of what you can bring to the table. You can also include any relevant certifications or licenses.

Work experience:

In this section, you should include your work history, starting with your most recent position. Make sure to emphasize your achievements and the skills you developed in each role, rather than just listing your duties.


This section should include your academic qualifications, including any relevant courses or projects that demonstrate your skills and expertise.

Accomplishments and awards:

Any significant accomplishments or awards that demonstrate your skills and experience should be highlighted in this section.

Personal branding:

With the rise of social media and personal branding, it can be helpful to include links to your LinkedIn profile, personal website, or other relevant online profiles.




In addition to these basic elements, there are several new trends and technologies that you may want to consider incorporating into your resume in 2023:

AI-assisted resume writing:

AI algorithms can help you optimize your resume for specific job descriptions and provide insights on how to improve your chances of landing an interview.

Video resumes:

Video resumes allow you to showcase your personality and communication skills, which can be especially valuable for positions that require strong interpersonal skills.

Online portfolios:

An online portfolio can provide potential employers with a more detailed view of your work and skills. This can be especially helpful for positions in creative fields such as design or advertising.

Keywords optimization:

Most companies now use automated systems to filter resumes, so it is important to include relevant keywords that match the job description to increase your chances of being selected.

Social media proof:

You may want to include links to your social media profiles to demonstrate your industry knowledge, social media presence, and engagement with relevant topics.


Overall, in 2023, it is important to make your resume stand out and highlight your unique skills and experience. By incorporating some of these new trends and technologies, you can increase your chances of landing an interview and ultimately securing your dream job.

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